Why dogs don’t look at casino games

There is a lot happening on the screen of casino games, thanks to the experts at mfortune-bonus.co.uk. Not only is there much movement, but sometimes there are food, animals, and animal sounds.

While barking dogs in a game might get your dog’s attention, you might be wondering why they don’t pay more attention to the screen.

First off, a dog’s perception of things might have more to do with smell than we think. A dog can smell 75% better than humans can. Take a meal, for instance. If there is meat and vegetables with spices, we will smell it as one aroma. Dogs will smell every different type of spice on the food.

When something is on a screen, there is no smell, making whatever action happening on the screen less attractive to your dog.

The interesting thing is that dogs can also resolve flickering better than humans can. A television has flickering images. So, still images continuously refresh to become a video. Humans can only resolve flickering speeds of 55 cycles per second. Dogs can do more, so a casino game with flying sausages will look to a dog only like a lot of flickering. It will also smell like nothing, so the game will do nothing to entice the dog’s senses.

Not all dogs are oblivious to images on the TV, and some audio, like sounds of nature, is calming to dogs with anxiety problems. There have been many accounts on social media where humans show their dogs watching and reacting to movies and cartoons.

But, for the most part, the best interaction you can expect from your dog when you play casino games is to lie quietly by your feet and enjoy your company.