How the boxer dog is judged at exhibitions

Exhibitions of dogs in the U.K. is a hobby for many dog owners, and with a history of hunting with dogs, Boxer dog exhibitions are a favourite.

While the dogs are not necessarily used for hunting anymore, many of the points they are judged by relate to how well they would perform the job they were bred for.


The size of a proper bred Boxer dog should be 21″ for a bitch and between 23″ and 25″ for a male. Being smaller can count against the dog but being slightly bigger will not lose the dog points but might even score him some.

Strength and agility

As hunting dogs, the dogs were expected to move over and through rough terrains at break-neck speed and hold down big game easily. Therefore, it is expected of a good, strong dog to be muscled.


It is easier to judge Boxer dogs on their appearance as their hair is short, and judges can see the correct construction of body parts for an efficient gait.


There are 16 points on a Boxer’s head judges pay attention to, of which the main point is the jaw. The jaw should be wide and straight across. Signs of a less than perfect jaw is a tongue sticking out if the dog’s mouth is closed. If the jaw is barely undershot, it can cause a lip that hangs over his mouth.

Sweet face expression

Don’t forget that the Boxer is not a killer. His job was to hold the prey. So, the big, innocent eyes are to see the prey better. And the expression should be sweet. The ears can be cropped or not, but the tip of the snout should sit higher than the ‘stop’ so the dog can breathe while holding an animal.

Lastly, a Boxer must be fearless in the ring, just as he should be when hunting. So, when he sits on your lap, reward him for his sweetness; if he catches the cat, reward him for his bravery!