Events for owners to exhibit their dogs

Dog owners willing to fork out big bucks for their puppies also like to show them off. There are some fun events in the U.K. looking for dogs with the best features, but there are also fundraising events meant as fun for the whole family.

The Boxer Event

A famous and enjoyable event for Boxer owners is the Boxer Event, held annually. The event attracts more than 150 guests, and the highlight is the ‘Boscars’ Awards Dinner. The National Pup of the Year and The National Dog of the Year is held together. The U.K.’s premier Breed Clubs, the Mancunian, the British, and the Cotswold clubs host the event.

Cotswold Boxer Club Championship Show

The show is held at the Avon Hall, Three Counties Showground. Regular visitors get a discounted price, and nearby accommodation is available. Only participating dogs are allowed and must be kept on a leash at all times.

Fun Dog Shows

The Fun Dog Shows are made up of several events and enough classes for all animals to compete. And it is not only Boxer dogs that can compete, but they can certainly win some of the categories, like Most Handsome, Dog that looks like their owner, or the judge’s favourite.

British Boxer Club Open Show

The show is held at Drayton Village Hall, in Drayton, Abingdon, Oxon. This is an event for Boxer dogs by the British Boxer Club with a special event for puppies and junior dogs and an open show for all aged dogs. As always, the dogs are the stars of the show. Participants will want to heed the show schedule notice about dogs in cars, as event planners do not take kindly to any dogs in distress.

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