Invest in casino games or a dog?

We all need a hobby or something to do in our free time. A dog is a perfect companion to spend quality time with. But for some people, owning a dog is maybe not the answer. For these people, it may be better to enjoy their free time with

The pros of casino games versus dogs

When playing games online, you can decide how much you want to spend. With dogs, you can have a budget, but it can cost you way more on vet bills than you anticipated when they get sick.

Dogs need a lot of attention

You can play casino games when you want to and for as long as you want to. When you have dogs, especially breeds like the Boxers, they want your attention all the time.

Dogs make a mess

Playing games online will not leave your house in a mess. But leave your Boxer unattended while getting stuck in a game of bingo online, and you might find your couch in pieces by the time you finish.

It will cost more in snacks

Without a dog, you will only be buying snacks for yourself when playing games. If there is a dog eyeballing you while you are trying to concentrate on Blackjack, you will have to share.

You don’t have to get emotionally attached

Your heart will be intact, apart from the small stab when you lose now and then, but a dog will drain your energy. You cannot help but love that old slobbering drool-mouth staring wide-eyed at you while trying to concentrate on a game.

So, the verdict is, play casino games and have a dog. Together, he can make you feel better when you lose, and when you win, you can celebrate by taking him for a walk. You can call him Bingo.