There are some expert tips in a variety of books that we describe here for Boxer enthusiasts.

Training your Boxer

The paperback is a book by Joan Hustace Walker on how to train Boxer dogs with positive reinforcement techniques. The book is a title in B.E.S. Training your dog series. All methods are included, including house training, obedience, verbal cues, and hand signals.

Boxers for Dummies

Boxer breeder, Richard Beauchamp, gives readers great information on the breed. As a trainer, Richard explains why Boxers need agility training, what they should be fed, how to prevent common health problems, and how to include a Boxer in the family as a best friend.

Boxers (B.E.S. Dog Bibles Series)

The respected B.E.S. dog books are breed-specific, and in this edition, potential owners of Boxers can learn what to look for in a puppy, the breed-specific traits for a good relationship between owner and dog, and an enclosed DVD for some informal training.

The Everything Boxer

Learn how to care for your Boxer from Karla Spitzer. She will also assist you in training and raising your pup. The book has a five-star rating from readers.

It will be easy to have a lovable Boxer by your side without putting too much effort into it. Still, with the help of these books written especially for Boxers, it will be a little easier to build a special relationship with your dogs.