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This is how your dog should look if its of show quality, (Dog. Newlaithe Look At Me, Handler Vikki Van-Beck.)

It should also be mentioned that this dog won best in breed at Crufts 2005, therefore is an outstanding dog. Not forgetting Vikki's perfect handling.

To get to this standard you would have to put in many hours of work and be totally devoted to the dog and above all, have the passion to win!!

This would be the final cast, but like we said earlier, this does not come easy!

stage one. Finding the right dog

We would love to tell you that this is simple, but unfortunately this would not be true. Even if you pick a pup that has the potential to be a show quality dog/bitch, there is no guarantee that your pup will grow to become the champion of your dreams. Just like humans, dogs change as they grow and you may find your dog develops a too-undershot jaw, flat feet, roach back, flying ears, wry jaw the list can be endless.

If you want a show quality dog, then you must tell the breeder of your intentions and the breeder will be able to explain in more detail

The first stage of show quality is standing your dog so long as everything else is in place and your dog has the potential to become a show dog

08 April 2007 Posted by simon


. puppy and this is were it all starts.

08 April 2007 Posted by simon